Celebrate Freedom with Self Love at Savvy's 

July Specials

All Specials may be pre-purchased at the special cost and saved in your Savvy Bank by calling the office 832-843-6300

All Doctors Visit for Prescription Weight Loss Request or Visits are $50 

Please Check Out at Front Desk

Jeuveau (NEWTOX) 50 Units $450 (3 Areas Typically)

or 30 Units $300 (2 Areas Typically

 (same as BOTOX)


75 Units $300 ( 2 Areas) 

125 Unit $440 (3 Areas)

 (before Aspire Rewards Coupons)

Facial Slimming $380 or TMJ 

Baby Brow Lift $199

Lip 💋Pop $55 (when it is alone, add on to procedures $36)

MINI POUT $275 💋💉 (1/2 Syringe)

FULL POUT $399 to $499 (1 Syringe)

Versa, Restylane, or Juvederm 

Options and Price discussed at Appointment 

Depending on Product with Free Lip POP ($55 Value) 

With Full Pout Purchase


1 Syringe Lip Filler 💋💉

75 Units Dysport or 30 Units of Jeuveau 


Stop 🛑 Prepare for Amazing Bundles Down Below 

Versatile Versa $450 for `1 Syringe 

2 for $750

3 for 1050

Buy 3 Versa and Get 20 Units Free Jeuveau

0r 50 Units Dysport

1 Restylane $475 (before Aspire Coupons) 

Restylane Refresher 2 Syringes $899 

with 50 Free Units of Dysport (1 Area)

Restylane Lyft Liquid Face Lift $1499

3 Syringes includes 


125 Units of Dysport (Crows, Forehead, Between Brows) 

Under-eyes will be filled with Restylane 1-2 Syringes (lasts up to 9-12 months) At Appointment assessment with determine the proper amount for you during your in-depth consultation.

FREE 12 units of Jeuveau #NEWTOX or Dysport around the eyes for crows feet

to complete the look for $550 to $950 with micro-cannula 

all prices before Aspire Rewards.

$499 without Cannula or Dysport/Jeuveau

Voluma $850 

Juvederm Plus $495

Kybella $599 a Vial 

Bundles for Savings on Site

Special Order Fillers Are Available with a Consult and Deposit

Sculptra Savvy Booty Lift $1899 Session One with 1/2 Mini Pout Free

Bellafill $1099 for One Syringe or 2 for $1499  (Skin Test Required)