Savvy Chic Luscious LIP CLUP VIP $99 Month

Luscious Lip 💋 Club is made to build up your perfect pout by layering at an affordable pace over a years time, every 3rd month. You may join at anytime $99 down and on the 3rd Payment you come get a Full Syringe of Lip Filler and 1/2 Syringe for Free touch up once a year after 6 months. 

 Amazing deal and a great way to maintain and build your lippes! 

Call our office at 832-843-6300 to get set up over the phone.

 VIA EMAIL or PHONE!  GET LIPS! What are you waiting for?? 

This may also be used any area of lower face rejuvenating does not all have to be put in lips!